• Delight Me . . . The 10 Commandments of Customer Service

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Delight Me! The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

By Richard George & John Stanton

One out of five of your past customers say they left you for "no special reason." The authors, professors of marketing at St. Joseph's University say the reason is you may have satisfied them?but did you "delight" them? Each chapter in this book has examples, stories and anecdotes that illustrate each commandment to "delight" customers shopping with you. Chapter titles include, "I'm Satisfied?But I Won't Be Back;" "What Customers Want and Expect From You;" "The Greatest Business Obstacle" and seven more that show you how to "delight" your customer.

You'll also find 24 worksheets to help you discover what is necessary to delight your customers. The worksheets are designed for you to critically assess where your organize is relative to delighting your customers.

The authors say, "If you actively pursue the customer's perspective and follow these Ten Commandments of Customer Service and complete the worksheets your customers will be delighted and you will be profitably rewarded."

"Delight Me" uncovers the keys to successful business practices. It deals with the critical elements needed for businesses of all types to widely exceed customer expectations and keep them for life. George and Stanton have put the focus of business where it belongs - on the customer and is a must read for small businesses as well as multinational corporations. " -- Christopher J. Conroy, Rosenbluth International, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ISBN 0964265737

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Delight Me . . . The 10 Commandments of Customer Service

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