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By Harold C. Lloyd

Are You a Genuine Leader or a Pretender?
Are you decisive or a procrastinator?
Are you a positive influence with a ubiquitous physical presence, or are you a stealth bomber, seen only when some negative feedback needs to be dumped?
Are you excited to develop your associates or are you threatened by their personal growth?
In short, are you a Genuine Leader or only a Pretender?

Am I The Leader I Need To Be?, a new book and DVD by Harold Lloyd, will help you find the Genuine Leader within you. Through discussion, examples, illustrations, exhortations, and exercises,this book will help improve your Leadership Quotient (LQ), a measurement crucial to your success. This companion DVD presents Harold Lloyd live at his seminar, "Am I The Leader I Need To Be?" Harold's knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm shine through when you watch him at work with a live audience.
The book and DVD are for everyone in the organization who manages people, not just the CEO. They will put everybody in your organization on the path to genuine leadership.

"Now you can join the thousands who have sat in Harold's audiences. What a treat."
- Tom Haggai, Chairman and CEO, IGA Global PTE

About the Author

Harold Lloyd speaks and writes with passion. He learns from his own experiences and from the experiences of others. Most of all, he loves teaching what he has learned. His passion for teaching permeates his presentations and his writing. Over the years, he has created 30 seminars, including the top-rated "Am I The Leader I Need to Be?" the genesis of this book and DVD.

Harold says, "I'd rather see the audience taking notes than to hear their applause. It's my best indication that we're making a meaningful connection." Harold is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago. He has been the president of a company with 1,000 employees and 14 stores and was a franchisee of a 3-unit, award-winning family restaurant group. Harold is a proud father of 3 and lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife, Deanna. Harold is committed to giving back. All profits from the sale of this book and DVD will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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Am I The Leader I Need To Be? Companion DVD

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